Simon and Maryke Koen are well known in their home town, Kimberley.

After Maryke was diagnosed in Augustus 2015 with an incurable disease (by traditional medical standards) they went on a quest to try to stop the problem.. After consulting three specialists concerning this disease, it was quite obvious to them that the problem should be handled holistically. Adjustments were made to their lifestyle. They began to eat organically as far as possible. Use organic supplements ext. They sourced down suppliers and now they can provide you with the same knowledge and products.

In their quest for alternative treatments they came upon the Bio-resonance scanners. After research done by them, they decided to try it for themselves. Due to that experience and the results they got, they decided to start Innovative Wellness and make this experience available to the public. They got trained as Bio-resonance operators and want to put it straight forward, they are not doctors and no substitue for doctors.

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