• Testimonial: Kidney Stones

    I have suffered with kidney stones for years. I also had laser treatment a few times to shoot the stones. One of my friends introduced me to a Rife machine when I visited them and had pain. The stones were now recurring regularly. After 4 treatments I had no pain at all. It disappeared for one year and it started again.  I was treated with Kidney stones, Renal Calculli and Infections. 


    N Delport

    Kidney Stones, Johannesburg


  • Testimonial: Bone Growth & Wound Healing

    I had a broken ankle that did not grow after 4 years and 3 operations; I was constantly in pain and eventually in a wheelchair. The circulation of my leg was very bad, and I had a ugly keloid cut (from where all the other operations were done). When they said I needed another operation, and if it does not work, they will amputate a portion of my leg. They treated my leg 3 times a week, with wound-healing, circulation and bone regeneration. From day one I had no pain, and after 2 months they did an x-ray, my leg had Already grown 70% and my wound looked as if it was done years ago. My leg was pink and had great circulation. The Keloid cut looked as if the operation was done years ago, if was flat and looked good. I believe if I did not get these treatments they would have done the amputation. Today i can walk and I don’t need the wheelchair anymore.

    E Viljoen

    Bone Growth and Wound-healing, Illovo Beach


  • Testimonial: Fever Blisters & Herpes Virus 

    I have a very strenuous lifestyle, and on a regular basis get fever blisters on my toes and feet. I was told you get it from the Herpes simplex 1 virus. When I get a bad attack, I ensure I do all the Herpes Simplex 1 treatments. The tingle and itchiness disappears after the first treatment, and after that my feet starts to peel. If I do it on a regular basis (every two weeks) it stays away for months.

    K Riekert

    Fever Blisters & Herpes Virus, Johannesburg

  • I were ill with the flu and coughing my heart out.  After just one treatment of the resportory   

    my coughing stoped and never returned.

    S. Koen


  • I had gastritis and needed just one treatment my stomack turn back to normal

    M. Somerset


  • The Innovative Scanner picked up streptococcus in my throat and after treatments my cough and running nose stop.  Before that I had 3 sessions of antibiotics which could not stop the prosess. I am very impressed.

    R. Bredenkamp


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